Foodie! – Bcm300!

Beginning our group task had come with a lot of figuring out what game to create. We had to set a theme for our project and understand what type of game we want to create. We had come up with the ideas of murder, mystery and food for our project. Even after figuring out the theme for our game, our group still had to figure out an initial idea for a game. We had many different ideas for games that we could create. We brainstormed many different ideas and concepts for games we could create. Eventually, in our group chat for our project, the game Cluedo was mentioned. Before the game was mentioned in our group chat, I had never heard about Cluedo.

When first hearing about Cluedo, myself and some group members were initially unsure what the concept of the game was and what Cluedo was actually about since we had never heard of it. It was one of the things we all had to contribute and share research with each other so we can all understand what Cluedo was about. When our group had begun discussing Cludo, It did take me some time to understand the rules of the game properly, along with some other group members. I had decided to do some research and send this interesting link about the rules of Cluedo to our discord group chat Eventually, we had decided to create a game similar to Cluedo, and we decided on our game to be a board game called Foodie.

When we were preparing a prototype, everyone was assigned a specific task to complete for the prototype for the game. My task was to create location cards for the fast-food brands known as KFC, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster. Although these cards were not used as the cards for our prototype, as we decided to reassign tasks for our group members. The cards I created were not used for the prototype for our game foodie, but it was all a part of the process of creating Foodie.

This was the finished prototype of Foodie created by Rosy!

My contribution to the task – All members of our group had been assigned tasks to assist in the creation of Foodie our group consisted of writers, speakers, video editors, card and board game designers. My role was to be a speaker with another member of our group. What I had spoken about includes:

  • The game overview, the Genre and Intended audience
  • The instructions of the game
  • The Objective
  • The Equipment
  • The Set-Up for Foodie
  • The Gameplay
  • Rolling the dice
  • The Entering and Leaving a Restaurant aspect of the game, 
  • The Announcing your suspicion aspect of the game, 
  • The Proving a Suspicion True or False aspect of the game and the accusations and the accusations aspect of the game

Another form of my contribution included writing out the game overview, genre and intended audiences paragraph for our game and video presentation. This paragraph I had written was presented as so – “Our game is based in a food court with the five major fast-food companies known as KFC, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Red Rooster and Taco Bell. In the food court, a murder has occurred. In our game, everyone has to figure out who the killer is. This is done by questioning all suspects and witnesses playing in the game to figure out who the killer in the food court is. Our game is based around the three focus points of murder, mystery and food. Our game is intended for the ages of 12 and above; this game is ideally made to be played as a fun, family-friendly game.”

Writing the game overview aspect for this game was a task which I had clearly understood by the time I had written it. The game overview was basically my understanding of the game and the gaming experience for Foodie. I had developed an understanding from our group discussions over our groups, group chat and developed a clear understanding of the game and what the overview was about. The genre was a similar process, I had developed an understanding for what our genre was for Foodie as in our group discussion on discord, we all discussed potential themes, which included murder, mystery and food. These aspects of the game became the clear theme for what our game represented – which was murder, mystery and food. The intended audience – when writing the intednded audience for Foodie, as a group, we had decided that Foodie was intended as a fun, family-friendly game for the ages of 12 and above. With this specific part, I had understood to convey this in writing as I had gained knowledge and understanding from group discussion in our group chat about everything which has to do with Foodie. Furthermore, with this paragraph which I had written, it was utilised in our video presentation, and I had gained the understanding and knowledge to write about these topics by having conversations in our group chat about our game; having these conversations allowed me to understand Foodie to a new extent. While also being able to utilise that knowledge in our overall group presentation while also speaking about it in our video presentation.

If you would like to see my other group members post about Foodie, click the links below!

  • Tori:

Our game presented many different elements which represented the detail included in Foodie. From the instructions to the location cards, weapon cards and the board game. We had developed a functioning game that had elements to it that presented a gaming experience. From group discussions discussing designs, information, rules, instructions and many more elements to the game, our group had presented our game as a functioning prototype. As a group, we had created an idea and turned it into a game from the inspiration which we had obtained from the game Cluedo. From our group working together, sharing different thoughts, ideas and information, we were able to create Foodie!

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